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The 2022 Oscars Gift Bags Worth $140K Include Free Liposuction and a Small Plot of Land in Scotland

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«This year’s ‘Everyone Wins’ gift bag is one of my favorites we have ever assembled because it represents a lot more than just a bag full of free stuff. I am truly excited for the nominees to experience it.» Gear up for award season with the Upright Go 2, the only smart wearable that helps you achieve Insta-worthy posture. This tiny device sits on your back, and whenever you slouch, it reminds you to straighten up with a gentle vibration.

So far, none of the 2020 nominees have turned down Distinctive Assets. The2020 Oscar nomineesare gifted $25,000 to spend on treatments and procedures at Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich’s New York City office. Options include botox, chemical peels, injectables/fillers, and laser skin resurfacing.

Full-body rejuvenation from a celebrity endocrinologist

Over the past two decades, he notes, there is usually one nominee who doesn’t accept the Oscars gift bag. Last https://turbo-tax.org/ year, Glenn Close, nominated for The Wife, asked that hers be donated to a women’s charity in her name.

  • All 25 nominees in the acting and directing categories typically get bags, but there is one fewer this year as Scarlett Johansson is nominated in both leading and supporting actress categories, for Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit, respectively.
  • Courtesy of Distinctive AssetsOf course, even those who receive the $225,000 Oscars gift bag pay a price for the privilege— recipients have to pay income tax for the monetary value of all accepted and redeemed gifts.
  • Distinctive Assets, a niche marketing company has been providing these sensational swag bags for the past 17 years, which highlight various businesses like ours, and entrepreneurs on an international level.
  • For intrepid guests, there is also a trip on a submarine capable of diving 1,000 feet.

They’ll also receive a custom stained glass portrait by glass master John Thoman. For those curious to see the rest of the items gifted to Oscar nominees, Insider producer Caroline Aghajanian spent nearly 10 minutes unboxing the smaller items in the swag bags in a video for the official Insider YouTube channel. Entertainment company Distinctive oscars gift bag 2020 Assets will produce their annual “Everyone Wins” gift bags, sent to the best actor, best actress, best director and best supporting actor and best supporting actress contenders in celebration of their nominations. The IRS stepped in to investigate this and soon determined celebrities would have to pay taxes when gifted a swag bag.

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Hand-crafted earrings from Spokane, WA-based jewelry manufacturer Millianna are in there. Plus, there’s a Soma silk robe inside, proving comfortable living is the goal in every gift item. “Happiest Tees” are also available, giving a T-shirt message of “Happiest in L.A./NYC.” Sunglasses custom-made by PETA are additionally in the bag, including an automatic donation to the organization when acquiring the eyewear. People watch the Academy Awards every year to see their favorite actors, directors, and films. Besides the results, many surprising moments happen during the Oscars. In 2022, the most talked-about event was Will Smith’s infamous slap. As part of your account, you’ll receive occasional updates and offers from New York, which you can opt out of anytime.

  • The firm is not affiliated with the Oscars or the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, but its gift bags have become an award season tradition in Hollywood over the past 20 years.
  • Nominees will be given a four-night stay for two at Golden Door, where they can pamper themselves with massages, farm to table meals, 30 miles of private hiking, and personal training packages.
  • A five-day meal plan following the intermittent fasting diet, worth $250.
  • Anyone who receives this Oscars goodie bag can get $25,000 worth of cosmetic procedures and treatments.